RubyBlue Artists

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RubyBlue is a unique agency that manages artists with talents across a multiple of disciplines.

Whether you need an actor for your next film & TV project, a comedian to tickle your funny bone, an influencer to connect & market your product, or a musician to liven up your space, RubyBlue will have the right artist for you.

Training is a huge part of that process and RubyBlue also offers workshops and training for creatives at all levels. Learn a new skill or develop that passion โ€“ get creative & make it happen!

Reach your full potential with RubyBlue.

The RubyBlue Team

Our management team are dedicated to fostering relationships of support and growth for our artists. We dream right alongside you and we guide you on how to put realistic steps into action to help you achieve your goals.

Rachel Forsyth | Agency Director & Talent Management

Rachel Forsyth is a teacher, actor and producer. She takes a personal approach to her work. Rachel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from the Queensland University of Technology and a postgraduate degree in Drama education.

Professionally, as an actor, she has worked on large international film sets as well as smaller independent projects and understands the key elements that are needed to create a powerful performance.

Her attraction to being an agent is combining her love of storytelling, her passion for fostering the growth of new talent as a teacher, and her ability to help others achieve their goals. Rachel, through RubyBlue, works with many different types of creatives… because we all have a story to tell, no matter what our art form.

Rachel has a great ability to put the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Making dreams happen…

Jordan Thwaites |Extra Management

Jordan has been working in both the Australian and international film & television industry for more than a decade across various roles.

He has worked on productions locally and abroad for studios including Warner Brothers, MGM, Netflix, NBC/Universal and Amazon. He has graduated from Griffith University with a Master of Marketing and a Bachelor of Communication.

His experience in front of and behind the camera, make him a valuable collaborator and he proudly joins the RubyBlue Artists team to assist in fostering the talents of upcoming performers and creatives.